Sunday, January 11, 2015



Memphis Bass

Board of Directors
President-Wayne Martin
Vice President-Russell Thomas
Tournament Directors-David Cropf
Secretary-Alan Free
Treasurer-Not Yet Filled 



2015 Memphis Bass is Starting Up

Our first year as Memphis Bass was a lot of fun!
We merged two wonderful fishing organizations
in 2014 to form One Fantastic Bass Fishing
Club in the Mid-South Area.  We had very few
issues along the way.  We resolved and learned
new ways to make the club a better experience for
all the members.  Along the way we developed new
friendships and learned a lot from each other.
We want to thank all the members and their families
for each of their help in various areas and most of all
"Thank You" to the Board of Directors for their
help and volunteering their time for the new 2015 year.
Now.....Let's go Fishing!!!!

Come to a meeting to learn about us and
Sign Up to become a member!
Membership Dues are now Due for the 2015 Year!


Next Meeting for
 will be held
January 13, 2015  7 PM
Bass Pro Shop
Macon Rd, Memphis TN
Come to the next meeting to get information about fishing with us
this year.  The year is just beginning so sign up to join the Memphis Bass.

Meetings are held at Bass Pro Shops

Meeting Room
6140 Macon Road
Memphis, Tn. 38134

Meetings are held on Tuesday Evenings.
Come visit us and get information about Memphis Bass,
We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

What on the Agenda at the next club Meeting...

Welcome New Members
Membership Dues Collected
Tournament Schedule Handed Out
Other Club Information Discussed


It's that time of year when you want to
check on if your license's need to be renewed
for the start of the 2015 year.  There are links
to the various states to apply for your fishing
license for the 2015.  New updates for each states
2015 rules and regulations changes are also posted on
each states website.  To view links look to right side
of main page on the Memphis Bass site.


About the Club
Memphis Bass Club and
Memphis Bass Association
 joined together in 2014 to form
a new Bass Fishing Organization
in the Memphis/Mid-South Area. 
The Clubs formed together and
merged the two names to be called...


Come Back Again!

We want to Thank everyone for the
wonderful comments about the blog/website.
We are happy that everyone finds the site
helpful to find all the information they are
 looking for to stay updated about Memphis Bass.

Thank you for stopping
by and visiting the
Memphis Bass Site!


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